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Katie's comprehensive knowledge, years of experience and engaging personality have made her a popular speaker and presenter. Available for speaking engagements for both large and small audiences, Katie is able to craft enjoyable and informative presentations on a wide variety of HR and Compensation related topics. Katie has given enlightening presentations on the following topics:
  • Is Your Organization Ready for the New FLSA Changes?
  • Building the Perfect Pay Plan
  • Compensation Strategies for a New Economy
  • Moving from a Point Factor System to a Market Pricing Approach
  • Moving Towards a Pay-For-Performance System
  • Are Your Benefits Competitive in Today's Market
  • Incentive Pay for Non-Exempts: Tips for Creating an Effective and Legal Pay Plan
  • Is Pay for Performance Right for Your Organization
  • Writing Better Performance Evaluations
  • Service Awards: Are Your Employees Rewarded for their Loyalty?
  • Developing a Total Compensation Strategy
  • How to Develop a Simple Pay Plan
Organizations that have benefited from Katie’s engaging presentations include the following:

  • Florida Public Personnel Association (FPPA) now Florida Public Human Resources Association (FPHRA)
  • SAWA – Society of Animal Welfare Administrators
  • HR Collier
  • BLR Webinar host
  • HR Palm Beach County
  • Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS)
  • Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce
In addition to the industry conference speeches, she is also asked to speak to other groups, and has given seminars on such topics as HR Basics for Small Business Owners, Motivating Your Team to Results, Starting Your Consulting Business, Creating a Work/Life Balance for Mothers in Business, and Recruiting the Right Person.

To book Katie as a speaker for your conference or organization, please contact us or please e-mail Katie at


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